Saturday, October 20, 2007

what would web 3.0 look like

Web 3.0 would definitely make waves.
As pc getting more powerful with faster cpu and more ram, the line between pc and a server would continue to narrow.
Broadband would be ubiquitous.
Browsers would be enhanced so they can serve as a mini servers and be intelligent to process lot of content.
Browsers would interact with other browsers directly using p2p protocols, giving users unique browsing experience.

The whole web concept would change, semantics would be built every where, with the intention of attracting browsers rather than users and users solely relying on browsers to serve them whole content automatically without them having to do lot many things.

As am typing my project report on my favorite author, my browser is surfing across wikipedia and blogs to show me key information about that person one a side screen, same time amazon is displaying ads about his books to by just below that.

No more adsense and adwords where I get the ad only if a particular site has registered for this service or not. Reach the browsers directly without any "middle man" partner sites.

Welcome to the new world!


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