Sunday, May 31, 2009

Floyd Mayweather jr. vs. Juan Manuel Marquez and the winner is Manny Pacquiao

Every decade of professional boxing witnesses extreme competition in some or the other weight category. In 70's it was heavyweight division with Mohammad Ali, Joe Frazier and George Foreman fighting for the top crown. We witnessed some of the best boxing bouts among them in that decade. Come 80's and the action sifted to welterweight-middleweight category with Sugar Ray Leonard, Thommas Hearns and Marvin Hagler giving us some of the best bouts among them for this decade. Come this century and clearly focus has shifted to the lightweight-welterweight categories. These weight divisions are extremely competitive with some of the best rated boxers fighting here. Well some day I would try to list great bouts to watch and believe me list would be very long!

On the day of Hatton Vs. Pacquio fight a big announcement was made. Mayweather Jr. decided to come out of a 16-month retirement to fight Marquez on July 18th. With now 1 1/2 months left for this bout it has started gaining interest of boxing fans across the globe. Bout is on HBO PPV and maybe fought at catch weight of 144lb. This is a non-title bout and I think Marquez would still be keeping his lightweight WBA and WBO titles. Mayweather is a younger, bigger boxer here and is 3/1 favorite to win this bout. However predicting in boxing is also dangerous and upsets happen all the time. Remember when Buster Douglas being 40/1 underdog defeated Tyson for the unified heavyweight crown. Anyway we are not here (right now) to discuss this fight. We may do so as the due date approaches, we would like to study the impact of this bout on next big fight that may happen towards end of the year.

Irrespective of the outcome of this fight the person to gain maximum out this is Pacquio. Today Manny is the best pound for pound fighter in the world. A fighter whom everybody would love to challenge. He has a very large fan following, his bouts would directly go as PPV and would guarantee few million dollar purse to the challenger. If you are looking for retirement and would like to make decent money to support rest of your live, challenge Pacquio! Today both Mayweather and Marquez would like to challenge Pacquio and who would that (first) person be, is this fight all about. So person to gain for this for a even bigger fight is Pacquio.

Lets look at Marquez. He is a great fighter, probably towards end of his career. He has fought Pacquio twice. First in 2004 where he came back from three knockdowns in first round to notch up a draw. Second in 2008 when he lost a close split decision. A re-match is definitely in line and fans and boxing pundits eagerly waiting for that. Professional boxing is all about negotiating right contracts and right fights at right time. Pacquio's promoter Bob Arum said, the fight will happen but only after there is time to "put a little air" under it. I think there is no better time then now and all the air is under it! If Marquez wins he would get to challenge Pacquio and Pacquio would fight because this would be the biggest fight he can get.

Lets look at Mayweather Jr. He is no doubt a great boxer. He has clean record, never lost a single professional bout and was best pound for pound fighter before his retirement. The title which now belongs to Pacquio. So who is the best pound for pound fighter? Whole boxing world is eager to know that. Mayweather is perhaps the best boxer whom Pacquio would like to fight. This fight would again be a big fight with both boxers having a large fan base. What would make the fight even more interesting would be completely different geographies/culture each boxer represent. Good enough to generate right kind of hype around this fight. So if Mayweather wins he would get to challenge Pacquio, more so Pacquio would like to fight Mayweather as this would again be the biggest fight he can get.

Pacquio is at a stage where his team should choose best of fights for him. He is right at the stage where if everything executed professionally would take him to the path of greatest boxer in the history of sport (both fame and fortune wise), and more pre-challenge fights like this one is what he would like to see.

And we'll keep on fighting - till the end!


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