Friday, October 28, 2011

Random thoughts on Turkic and Mongolic tribes

I like to study the origins and history of various tribes and how they are inter-related in today's modern world.

Over the time there have been many migrations and inter mixing of various tribes and today its hard for one to identify where did he actually come from.

One thing that confuses more and more as I read into, relationship between Mongols and Turks.

So Today I just decided to pen some of my thoughts, so that I have a reference point, when I dwelve into this topic again.

  1. I believe Mongols and Turks originated from different part of central Asia. Though both belong to a common mongoloid race.What I have gathered so far is that Turks are primarily from present day region around Mongolia, and Mongols from present day region around north east china. There have been many migrations from east to west starting from Huns and culminating with Mongols.
  2. Who were Huns? I believe there were Turks and started first wave of migration.
  3. Are Han Chinese same as Mongols? I believe they are Mongols and I suppose first under Qin dynasty and than later under Han dynasty, many warring tribes were united to form kingdom of china. The rulers under these dynasty started building great wall of China to prevent nomadic Mongolic and Turkic tribes from laying further wars inside main land china.
  4. What I understand is that first Turkic tribes migrated east and then Mongols. Mongols and Turkic tribes readily intermixed and together they conquered Arabic tribes. Over their migration they intermixed with Arabic people, adopted Islam and founded Ottoman empire. I feel today's so called Turkish people are mix of European and Arabic people with traces of Turkic-Mogolic gene pool.
  5. I further feel that Indo-Iranian people are not same as Caucasian people, but a different tribe in itself. During their peak (Under Mauryan Empire) they conquered much of India and Persia. However over the time it declined and was then conquered by Turkic-Mongolic tribes (Mugals)  from North and Turkic-Iranian tribes from East.
  6. I think adoption of Islam by Turkic-Mongolic people was turning point of most of the Modern day history we witness in Asia and Europe. I feel once they defeated Arabic people if they would have continued with Tengerism we would have witnessed a different Geo-political map of the world today.

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